• Support the Veteran patient who volunteers to serve as a study subject in a clinical trial. Data they provide in sharing information about their condition enhances our understanding of how we treat other veterans and other people with that same condition. By funding the clinical resources necessary to support the trial with your donation, we can open new opportunities addressing a wider range of veteran issues.
  • Support innovative new approaches to understanding and treating Veterans’ health issues. The Foundation funds innovative research into improving the care veterans receive by supporting research projects approved by the VA.



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 Your Donation

  • Supports nurse study coordinators dedicated to each Veteran volunteer study subject.
  • Supports the various tests for clinical data required to maintain clinical trial treatments.
  • Supports overnight stays and meals for our Veteran volunteer study subjects who travel to Columbia for these important study visits.
  • Supports the study of disease at the microscopic level to better understand and treat diseases that affect veterans’ health.